Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cahill's Porter Cheddar with Guiness

My picture, above, didn't turn out so good, so I ripped one off, here it is:

Nice, slightly sweet aroma. Beautiful cheese. The half wheel looks like a piece of art. The following is what the "experts" have to say about it:

"Cahill's Irish Porter Cheese....Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this adventurous porter farm house cheddar cheese. This is the only cheese produced in the heart of County Limerick. The milk comes from the Frisian herd located on the 64 acre farm of Dave and Marion Cahill, just a mile outside the town. Marion, once a bank clerk, decided to go into cheese manufacturing in 1966 when she married Dave. Years later with the help of a small staff they are an established gourmet legend.The cornerstone of their operation is that each cheese is individually made and blended using no artificial ingredients. The main draw of the cheese, other than the unmistakable tang, is the mosaic pattern (seen below) created when the cheese is blended with Guinness Stout.
Using a base of tangy Irish cheddar, she has experimented with a variety of flavors and has come up with the very popular Porter. This beautiful pasteurized cow's milk cheese is marbled throughout with Guinness. It is sure to please any crowd with its unique look and flavor experience."

This is my opinion: Excellent cheese, most enjoyable, firm, somewhat crumbly texture. A little bit on the salty side. I was a little afraid, when I made the purchase, that the flavor of the Guinness would be too strong for me. But it wasn't. I will definitely be purchasing more of this cheese. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be looking for other Cahill's cheeses, as well.

From the label:
Pasteurized cow's milk, cheese starter, Guinness porter, salt.

Net wt. .20 lb
Unit Price: $16.99/lb
Total Price: $3.40

Well worth the money and cheaper than some, at that. I might not buy this every week, nor even every month, but I will be buying it again. I truly enjoyed this one. It has a very distinctive look, and an uncomplicated, earthy, homey taste. I can see this as some one's lunch with some cured meats, a succulent pear, and a big slab of whole grain bread. I think I'm going to try a grilled cheese with it the next time I get some.

I do recommend this cheese to all cheese lovers. Try it, you won't be sorry you did.