Friday, August 29, 2008

Georgia Gouda Cheese

The next cheese from my most recent Earth Fare excursion is a "local" Georgia cheese. It comes from Sweetgrass Dairy in Thomasville, GA. That's it, on the right in the picture below. Or the upper left in the picture above. A lovely, NAY! A beautiful, cheese.

This beautiful cheese has a few small holes throughout. The aroma is mildly piquant. Appetizing, not off putting in the least. The texture is soft, yet a little dry, not sticky. Slices easily. The rind is chalky white, not too thick.

I tried this cheese along with the Mayenburg Goat Jack and the fresh tomato and the bacon. I enjoyed this one much more than the Goat Jack. The cheese is a lovely creamy yellow color. The taste resembles the familiar Gouda I am used to, a young, very mild one. There is also a hint of sharp cheddar here too. I have also tried this one with some fresh red grapes and it goes very nicely. Pete also loved this cheese. I think it is one of his favorites, so far.

If you can find this cheese, please try it. I think most any cheese lover will like it, and anyone would find it inoffensive. I think it would be good melted on things too. Should make a good grilled cheese sandwich. Or a nice cheese sauce over broccoli or some other vegetable.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Meyenberg Goat Cheese Jack - Smoked

Went to Earth Fare last weekend. I picked up four (count em - 4) different cheeses. The first one I am going to review is the Meyenberg Goat Milk Jack Cheese.

Pleasant aroma. I smell more of the smokiness than the cheesiness. I like that smoky smell. Makes my mouth water.

The texture is more dry than regular, cow's milk Jack. I sampled this cheese with home-grown tomato, low sugar, low sodium bacon and a local Gouda cheese. This was my breakfast. The cheese slices in the middle of the plate are the Goat Jack slices.

The taste at first is somewhat Jack-like. Then comes a "musty" flavor that will take some getting used to. I guess it is just the "goatiness" of it. But I have trouble with that every time I first taste most goat cheeses. The funny thing is that I love Feta Cheese. It's one of my most favorite cheeses and I don't find it musty tasting at all. This cheese, however, is. Not really strongly musty, but I notice it.

My overall impression: I most likely won't purchase this cheese again just because of the price, $19.99 per pound. There are cheaper cheeses out there that I enjoy more. If the price were cheaper I would possibly buy it again.

Would I recommend it? Probably not.

I like a sharper, more piquant cheese. Many cheese lovers might like this one and I'm certainly not saying you shouldn't buy it. I just think there are better ones out there. I don't have anything BAD to say about it - it just isn't something I would RAVE about. Not sorry I tried it. But will save my money next time and get something that makes me go WOW!