Friday, June 13, 2008

Mexican Queso Cheese

Okay, here's my "Doh" moment. Why didn't anyone ever tell me this stuff is so good?! I don't know why I never bought any before. I mean, we eat at Mexican/Southwest/Tex-Mex restaurants all the time. And I love the stuff when I have it there. Why didn't I ever think to buy any of it for home consumption? This stuff is great! Wonderful! Beautiful! Perfect! Shall I go on? I think not, but you get the idea, right?

Having somewhat the texture of aged mozzerella. The taste begins like a super mild, milky cheddar; progresses thru sharp cheddar; and ends on an extra sharp note. It isn't quite as piquant as extra sharp cheddar would be tho. And the way it melts. How marvelous! Takes just the least little bit of heat for it to melt beautifully. It gets all stringy and goopy and fun to play with. I love this stuff.

Will I be purchasing this type of cheese again? You betcha!
Would I serve it to my friends? Every one of them.
Do I recommend this cheese to any and all cheese lovers? I do, I do, I do...

Mexican Queso cheese is a wonderful invention. I have no clue if it is "authentic" Mexican or another American thing, but I don't care. It's yummy and I plan to keep right on purchasing it and enjoying it. I hope you will too.