Friday, April 4, 2008

Gouda - Aged 2 years and 3 years

I truly did enjoy these cheeses. Unfortunately, I took them with me to Florida last weekend and shared them with Tina. So... I don't have the wrappers. I can't tell you what the price was on these, I think it was $17.99/lb. and $19.99/lb. I won't swear to it, but I think that's what it was.

I enjoyed these two much better than I did the aged 1 year Gouda. These didn't seem to have as much of a musty smell as it did. They weren't quite as pungent either. Very nice cheeses. For someone who likes a good, assertive flavor in their cheese, these will do very nicely. You should have seen Tina's eyes light up when she had her first taste. I don't remember which one she had first, but she was smiling while she ate them both.

Gouda - Aged 2 Years

The two year cheese was not noticeably different in texture to the 1 year Gouda. As mentioned above tho, the odor was not quite as musty. I first tried this cheese with a Cameo apple and whole wheat crackers. It was delicious, very enjoyable. The next time I tried it grated on a baked potato. Just as nice... a very versatile cheese. Tasty eaten cold, room temp and warm. Good with sweet foods, and savory foods. All around a good experience.

Gouda - Aged 3 Years

The 3 year Gouda was not much different from the 2 year. Not sure I would pay the extra just to say I had the 3 year variety. It was somewhat harder and had a bit more crystals in it. I enjoyed this very much grated over my salad. I also enjoyed it with black olives and dry salami. I'm pretty sure this cheese would go with nearly anything. I do recommend this cheese as well, tho as I said, not much difference that I could discern, from the 2 year Gouda. I'm certainly not sorry I bought it. Now I know...


pamwax said...

Sounds wonderful. Holly. This cheese blog was a very good idea.

Jeannie said...

The three-year-old Gouda sounds like it would be good grated and baked into some bread, and the two-year-old Gouda better for all-purpose snacking. Either way, I love Gouda, and now I know that it will be in the cart on my next shopping trip.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I didn't try it, but I bet you could take a good Alfredo recipe and use the 3 year Gouda instead of the Parmesan you would normally use. Make that type of sauce and eat it over spaetzel instead of fettucini noodles. I'm gonna have to try that.