Friday, April 4, 2008

Kerrygold Irish Vintage Cheddar

Oh my God! This is good stuff! Sharp, without any bitterness and absolutely no aftertaste. Beautiful, creamy white cheese. Soft without being sticky. Easy to slice. So sharp it almost has a Parmesan like flavor. Only not quite the same. It's weird how good this cheese is. I would definitely recommend this cheese to any cheese heads out there.

Net Wt. 0.31 lb.
Unit Price: $15.99/lb
Total Price: $4.96

This cheese has a black wax coating which peeled off quite easily. The aroma is slightly sweet, not musty. I ate this cheese with red grapes, rye bread, and iced tea. It was all I could do to keep from eating all of it at one go. It's very good. Even Thomas liked it. We didn't share this one with Pete, but I imagine he would like it very much. I would not hesitate to serve this cheese to anyone (especially myself, ha!)

I'm sure this cheese would be great with an assortment of pickles, dried meats, crackers/breads or with pretty much any type of fruit. I really wish I'd had some type of melon to try it with. I think it would be fantastic with cantaloupe or honeydew melon.

I truly do hope you will all try this one. It is really something special. I loved it.


pamwax said...

My heart belongs to cheese and this one sounds like it would be right up my alley. I will try it just as soon as I find a store in this backwater town that carries good cheese.

Jeannie said...

I've had Kerrygold Cheddar before, but it has been some time. Hubby and I have recently dined at a fondue restaurant. How do you think this cheese would do as a fondue- say mixed with a little white wine and maybe a little white pepper? Do you think it would melt well? How 'bout it being strong enough once melted? I like a cheese that I can taste.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Honestly, I don't know, Jeannie. Thomas and I scarfed it so quickly. I didn't take the chance to do more than eat it "as is". It was just that good. My thought is that yes, if heated gently it would melt nicely. You might want to add some other type of cheese with it for a fondue. The taste really reminded me of Parmesan cheese, so I think the flavor would hold up. I'm not really sure about the texture. Sorry...